Strong Women Uplift Each Other

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“Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you.”— Taylor Swift

As women it is important to uplift each other. It can be as simple as greeting or complementing each other during the day or inspiring each other to do great things. A few women have caught our attention for their positive lifestyles. These women encourage self love, growth, and striving to reach your goals through their ability to share their experiences, advice, and joy with others.


Greta Tigras

Greta Tigras wants to share with the world how spirituality and happiness intertwine. As said in her own words her goal is to “make the world a happier, healthier, more loving and more compassionate place to be.” Her yoga and travel videos inspire women to be mindful and in-touch with their bodies. She also speaks on solo female traveling and how to go about it. Her peaceful spirit touches the hearts of her viewers. 


Grace Sonde

Grace Sonde motivates moms through her lifestyle, beauty, and motherhood vlogs on YouTube. She shares her daily life with her viewers and allows them to see her beautiful daughter grow. Her beauty advice focuses on skincare, hair care, and makeup tips. Grace is also a college graduate and works as a freelance makeup artist, she is a great example of balancing school, work, and home to achieve her educational goals. 


Trinity Sierra

Trinity Sierra shares her life on her YouTube channel. From faith to lifestyle vlogs she gives motherly advice and tips along with story times of her personal experiences. She shares how spirituality keeps her motivated and prepared for motherhood and married life. Her honest take on family life from a Christian perspective is what makes her vlogs so inspiring to others.


Whitney Anglin

Whitney Anglin vlogs about motherhood on her YouTube channel. She does a real outlook on being a mother from dealing with sick kiddos to dealing with postpartum depression. Whitney shares her experiences with moms who may be going through the same challenges. Her openness provides women with the support system they need so they do not feel alone on their journey through motherhood.  


Imani Smith

Imani graduated from Jackson State University an HBCU with a degree in criminal justice. The fifth out of her siblings to graduate from an HBCU, she thanks her parents for the drive to continue her education and for being her support system. We congratulate her on this huge accomplishment and for being an inspiration to other women, she is bound to do great things in society. 



Kate is a mom of two who values family life. On her YouTube channel she vlogs her life and features workout videos with her sons. With her positive outlook on motherhood her channel shines light on the reality of being a mom and ways to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

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  1. Liz Mays says:

    Checking out these women’s blogs should be fun. Hearing how other women overcome their challenges is always helpful when you’re going through your own.

  2. Such uplifting and inspiring stories of women that set the standard. I try to be a good rolemodel for my daughter like these women.

  3. I love this post! I love to help empower other women. If we don’t stick together we get run over if we didn’t learn that from the “me too” movement we really missed the mark.

  4. Thanks for sharing about these amazing women! I love when women lift each other up!

  5. I love watching vlogs of moms on YouTube where they just show how they live their days. It’s inspiring to see also how they teach makeup tips and techniques. So fun!

  6. I am all about supporting my fellow ladies! I think we are all unique and awesome in our own specific ways – thus there is no such thing as competition in my mind! 🙂

  7. I love this post and I loved reading the stories of these powerful women! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  8. Some very inspirational women here! I love reading from women who are accomplishing great things, and I agree – we should be supporting each other more!

  9. All of these awesome women you’ve featured sound so inspiring! You’re right in the fact that we ladies need to uplift and support, not the opposite!

  10. I am a big fan of people helping each other be their best rather than trying to outdo each other. It is all about our own struggles in life that we need to overcome and not who we can make feel terrible about theirs, I love this reminder.

  11. Nnniiiccceeeeeee! It’s so good to know that someone’s life and contribution is celebrated as positively-influencing to their society.

  12. I have several groups of women that I need to complete my life! My closest set is my friends from where I moved 5 years ago. They know me the best. The second is the group of ladies I met in my new town that meet every Wednesday morning. I am so lucky to have caught up with them.

  13. I really agree that Strong Women Uplift Each Other. They need to support each other and get moral support. Sometimes it takes a word to encourage and help boost that confidence.

  14. Wendy Polisi says:

    I have to say, women DO seem to cut at each other’s throats these days. It’s hard to find a lady who isn’t stabbing you in the back.

  15. Wendy Polisi says:

    Women need to do this with each other much more often. We need to be strong together!

  16. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    I would love to see women around me behave like this. They can be very cut throat and down right mean out of jealousy or what have you!

  17. Great accounts! Women supporting women is the key. As someone said – “girls compete with each other, women empower one another”

  18. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I will have to check out the social media channels of these women. They are such an inspiration that we are more than what we are perceived to be!

  19. Ruth I says:

    Thank you for this list. I will be checking them out. I like to follow and watch life of great people like them.

  20. Rachel says:

    I don’t like being around women that are negative about others. I like to hear my friends being positive about others.

  21. Beth says:

    It is really important to be supportive and uplifting whenever possible. I love seeing people helping each other and making the world a better place to be.

  22. rika says:

    This is a great reminder! A very positive message for all women out there.

  23. Lebogang Xolo says:

    This is such a beautiful post. Being a ambitious christian mom who went through intense postnatal depression, loves to travel and all about good health, I can identify with all these women. We really need each other.

  24. Women should be supporting each other! This sounds like a wonderful group of ladies!

  25. katrina Kroeplin says:

    we definitely have to lift each other up. if we don’t do that, how do we help one another?

  26. Very important point. I’m surprised sometimes by how many women don’t have sympathy for other women.

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