You Can Vacay With Your Child

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When most parents think vacation they think a break from the kids. Although that is sometimes needed, taking a vacation as a family is an experience you share together. Being able to show pictures and explain to your child about the fun you had as a family is just beautiful. Making family vacations a regular thing allows for bonding time. Whether it is a road trip where you jam out as a family to your favorite songs or if it is an international trip where you get a chance to have the cultural experience of being abroad. Your child will thank you in the future for being so involved in their lives and valuing family time. 

I remember going on road trips every summer to visit family and friends growing up. When we were older we went on international trips as a family. 

Trips as a family teaches your child to value family time. For your child to be able to see and experience new things during their development is beneficial to their outlook on life. It is also beneficial to their outlook on the family structure and social norms. Your child gets to understand how society is run and how to interact with people in different situations. Your child will be more open to new experiences and opportunities because they were able to explore at such a young age. Children will remember and value the time shared on family vacations, yes it may involve more planning but it is totally worth it. 


Have you vacationed as a family? Where to?

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  1. It is fun to travel with your kids because that is how you make memories. We generally go on road trips with kids, dogs and they have been a lot of fun and worth the effort

  2. Yup, we’ve gone on several family vacations and have survived. It was tougher when the kids were small, but now they understand how to keep it together.

  3. We always took vacations with our kids when they were growing up. Now that they’re all grown, we take both – vacations for just the two of us and vacations with the kids and the grandkids.

  4. I always take the kiddos with us. We are looking at trying to getaway alone sometime in the future.

  5. We love taking family vacations! When our kids were young, we explored fun places fairly close to home, however we went to Mexico in 2017 and we’re considering London in 2020.

  6. Ash says:

    I almost always vacation with my son. We have such a blast together! We have traveled all over the US and internationally.

  7. Pam says:

    We always vacationed with our kids when they lived at home. They’ve moved out now and we sometimes still do.

  8. We never have the opportunity to leave our kids anyway. There’s no one to watch them. So every vacation is a vacation with them. With that said and no family nearby, the husband and I never get alone time. That’s the downside. But we’ll have plenty of RV trips to remember this summer as a family.

  9. A holiday in our country is never without kids till they are kids. That’s one of the best time for family bonding too.

  10. artchee says:

    Going to different trips with the kids will be on my list as soon as I have children. :0)

  11. While I do agree that time with your significant other can be just what the doctor ordered, there’s nothing like taking a vacation with your kids! When we went to Paris a few months ago, my husband and I got to see the world through our kids’ eyes, and it truly was amazing!

  12. I like how she handles to carry a child in her travel. Truly a vacay 🙂

  13. Lavern Moore says:

    Are used to love vacationing with my children when they were younger. It was always great to watch them experience new sites sounds and places.

  14. Catalina says:

    I love family trips. We don’t do them very often but it’s a lot of fun!

  15. I think it’s super important to travel with your kids. They should be exposed to other environments, people and cultures. Teaching our children to be a citizen of the world will hopefully make the world a much better place.

  16. It’s really difficult to have a vacation with your kids but it takes patience and courage to do so. I know that proper scheduling and the right things to bring are necessary to have a good one.

  17. I can imagine going on holiday with your child can be really different to going without – however I am sure spending special time with them is worth it.

  18. We love vacationing as a family and I love that my kids get to experience new places and cultures! We’ve been all over the US and some other places as well, but can’t wait to take them overseas. 🙂

  19. Wendy Polisi says:

    My sister takes her kids every time. The just recently went to Costa Rica with them!

  20. Yes we travel with our kids, they make memories. it is difficult still it is fun on its own.

  21. Lauren Ash says:

    Love this, I think kids can learn very valuable lesson by travelling growing up! It also is a great way to inhibit family time as well!

  22. Ruth I says:

    We try to travel with the whole family as much as possible. We love to see the kids have fun!

  23. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    We always, as in ALWAYS travel as a family. Since the kids were old enough to travel, we had all of them with us in our every adventure! I hope we could do a family travel again, but the kids are grown and have activities of their own.

  24. We always vacation or travel as family. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy a vacation without my son. We make memories together as family.

  25. Heather says:

    We always take out kiddos when traveling, it’s not hard at all! Just plan ahead and pack accordingly and it’s great!

  26. Rhey says:

    my parents and i did not really vacation together up until this year when i decided, “we are not getting any younger”, following the same reasoning for you – family bonding through travel/vacation i think is a nice unique experience which doesn’t always mean going over seas.

  27. Beth says:

    We always took our kids on vacations, but most of our destinations are within a day or two of driving. It wasn’t difficult for us. As a kid, we lived in Europe and went on weekend trips at least once a month. We really loved it and did most of our traveling in a VW camper.

  28. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    As soon as our kids were able to sit up by themselves, we took them with us on our travels. We don’t want them to feel left out and one more thing, I could not have any peace of mind knowing that we left our kids in the care of others while we are vacationing.

  29. katrina kroeplin says:

    we always take a family vacation and then a vaca just us. both are fun and memorable.

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