Flower Fields- Homeschooling Activity

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Taking your kids out for an outing can be challenging but fun. Being able to teach them about nature and the world around them is important. You are their first teacher and primary source of knowledge. Making the outing fun and educational will make it unforgettable for them. They will remember what they learned because they were having a great time while learning. Flower fields is the best way to teach your child about flowers is to take them to see flowers and compare them. Have your child draw their favorite flower and then teach them about it later. You can also take this time to teach your child about insects.

Encourage your child to explore, allow them the space to walk around and wander, with your supervision of course. When teaching them about insects choose one or two like a bee and a ant. Show them a bee while it is sitting on the flower and explain the role bees play with pollination. Also explain to them why honey bees are yellow and black, why their color is important. This outing can be educational and a bonding experience between you and your child. Make it fun, take pictures, and make memories. 

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  1. This sounds like such a fun thing to be able to do with your child and it would be lovely seeing a field full of flowers in bloom. I know bluebelly forests, for instance, are loved for photos here as well.

  2. This looks like so much fun and sounds like such a great idea to with my kiddos.

  3. robin rue says:

    What a lovely thing to do with the kids. We don’t have many flower fields here,but lots of flowers in people’s yards, etc.

  4. When my son is older and actually appreciates the finer things in life, I certainly will take him to flower fields!

  5. I haven’t noticed many flower fields around here. Probably privately owned, but we do love going on hikes and taking in the nature around us.

  6. So gorgeous! We love checking out flower fields. We were just at one not too long ago and got some great photos.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    This is a good activity to do this summer. My grandchildren would love a visit to a flower field. I will have to check out the ones nearby.

  8. There is an arboretum by us. They have tons of flowers and amazing gardens.

  9. artchee says:

    I’ve never really visited flower parks or flower fields before but I bet it will be very wonderful to take pictures and just walk beside the flowers.

  10. Catalina says:

    Yes! It’s so important to teach things about nature to our children. It’s so important this!


    My children all love flowers and nature. They seem to enjoy learning about it too which is great. You can have a great day out learning about nature.

  12. This sounds like a great way to connect with our kids. Now that the flowers are in full bloom, we’ll have to take the kids to a flower field.

  13. Jhentea says:

    Such a sweet moment and a beautiful picture I’ve seen today! I love the idea you’ve shared to us. Wonderful post ♥

  14. Ashley says:

    I am a gardener so I love visiting fields already! I’ll have to go soon and take my family!

  15. Ruth I says:

    This is a fun way to teach kids! My niece would love a visit to any flower field soon.

  16. This is so important! I’m honestly grateful my parents did this with me when I was little and I still remember their lessons. It certainly had an impact on me growing up and if I had children I would absolutely endeavour to do the same! Thank you for sharing such an important message 😊

  17. Wendy Polisi says:

    I have a friend that was just telling me how she was homeschooled and nature walks are how she learned a lot about science. Her parents liked to do both hands on and book work to really teach the lessons well.

  18. Kathy says:

    I love going through the flower fields. It’s always so pretty! We love to stop and smell all the flowers and just look at the beauty of them.

  19. Vanessa Delia says:

    I wish there were more of them around me. The greenhouses around here are gorgeous though.

  20. Lauren Ash says:

    What a fun activity to do with your children! Great memories & pictures are just a plus!

  21. The flower fields look so amazing! I hope I can come here soon and appreciate these little things. So cool!

  22. I love flower fields! They’re so magical and amazing. A fabulous location to snap beautiful family images!

  23. Konstantina says:

    My parents used to take me to see the flower fields every month (I did develop allergies at some point but that didn’t really stop me).

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