Managing Stress

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Excersice: Walking can reduce anxiety and blood pressure. Physical activity can aid you in becoming more relaxed and give you energy.

Nutriton: A healthy diet can aid you in managing your stress levels. Try avoiding caffenie if you can, it is mildly addictive and can depleat the amount of sleep you get and leave you irritable.

Sleep: Lack of sleep has an effect on stress. Sleep improves mood and supports mental and emotional funcioning. Without sleep those functionings deterioate. 


Social support: sharing your day or stressors with others is a form of stress relief. Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up you have an outlet. 

Strive to have a positive attitude, allow moments in your day for relaxation, take int consideration the changing of your habits, and find social support. 

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  1. We all encounter stress. I think there’s no way around avoiding it; but, there are ways to manage it. Your post is really helpful for people.

  2. Stress is a part of everyone’s life. If we don’t learn how to manage it, it can consume us. Excellent post.

  3. I don’t deal with stress. It’s wonderful. I really have nothing to stress about. My husband really taught me this too because I used to be a stress case! But I know me and my work ethic and I know everything WILL get done!

  4. I definitely think it’s important to know how to handle stress, there’s no getting around it! Great tips!

  5. Anna says:

    Great tips all around! wouldn’t have thought about it myself!

  6. artchee says:

    I think that these tips are simple yet very effective to handle stress. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  7. I actually needed this. Stress has just overtaken my life lately.

  8. Joanna Clute says:

    Stress is a real monster to some of us. I get health issues from it if I don’t control it.

  9. Lavern Moore says:

    This is a great reminder of the many ways to relieve stress get exercise and eat healthy. It brings awareness to many people.

  10. So many beautiful ways to manage stress! It’s really important that we find good ways to balance things and protect our well-being. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I think I hoard stress like there is no tomorrow. Haha. Seriously, I need to find a way to at least manage it if I cannot rid myself of it. I cannot talk about it with my husband because it stresses him out too. I think what I really need is some time off. Alone.

  12. wow all the points are so good. i need some stress busters in my life!

  13. Lauren Ash says:

    Managing stress is such an underrated thing! So many health problems can result from stress!

  14. Becca Wilson says:

    Stress is one of those things that can haunt and afflict anyone if they let it. I have definitely found that going for a walk and thinking things through can help with mine when I have those moments.

  15. Elizabeth O says:

    Stress can be a silent killer if not managed. I think your tips are good ones and the first step is to admit we have some stresses in our lives and then act to mamage them….

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