Reduce Cellulite

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Well what is cellulite is the first place?

Cellulite or dimpling of the skin is most common on the upper leg and butt area. The unevenness is the distribution of fat in those areas, causing your skin to dimple

You can reduce it, here are some little tips to get your bod back the way you want it. 

Eat more fruits and veggies a day

Stay away from alcohol

Make fresh juices at home

Drink the recommended amount of water for your weight

Exercise at least 30 mins every couple of days

Drink herbal Teas

Try to each as organic as possible

Avoid fried foods

Start your day off with lemon water

All of these things increase blood circulation in those areas, therefore reducing the appearance of cellulite. A healthy diet and exercise does effect your body in a positive way. Yes beauty products can work on the outside. But true healing comes from the inside out. 

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