First Time Traveler Aren’t Ya?

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If you are new to traveling it could be overwhelming. Here is a guide.

  1. Choosing the best location-you need to get inspiration to find the perfect destination for you. Research is very important at this stage. You do not want to go somewhere that is difficult to navigate.
  2. Insurance and documents- You need to have a passport to travel abroad. A visa is required for specific countries and this varies based on your home country. It will take months for a visa to get processed so plan accordingly
  3. Travel Insurance- Medical insurance is important when going abroad. You need to be prepared if you are going out of the country. Accidents happen so make sure you are covered in an emergency.

4. Vaccinations-Vaccinations are required to travel to certain countries, visit a clinic before leaving.

5. Money-Make sure you always have cash on you. It may be difficult to find a bank and some cards are not used abroad. You also should let your bank know you are going out of the country, because your card will be frozen.

6. Packing-Do not over pack, pack only what you need and nothing more

7. Safety- Do not share to much information about yourself and where you are from. Try to avoid dark areas and looking like a tourist. Try your best to blend in because you are less of a target.


(10) Comments

  1. First thing I do is to check the visa requirements. Then I ensure I have my personal checklist with me.

  2. I would say these tips are great for any traveler, first timer or an expert. We tend to get complacent with things, thinking we have something packed, only to find out we don’t.

  3. These are excellent tips! Traveling can be a pleasant experience; but, for the first timer, it can make your anxiety level go up.

  4. I check the required vaccinations because of our kids. Visa is also important for us.

  5. artchee says:

    It’s a clever idea to make sure you have vaccinations when traveling to other countries. :0)

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    We always make sure we have travel insurance. Informing our bank of our travels/vacation, its duration and the country we will be visiting. It is scary to be in another country and not have access to your money.

  7. Wendy Polisi says:

    I remember the days when I was starting to take real trips. I did a lot of growing in that time!

  8. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    I get travelers anxiety sometimes. Having done it a lot more lately it has really helped me enjoy my trips!

  9. Lauren Ash says:

    Traveling is amazing in the sense you get to learn a lot about the world as well as yourself. These are great tips for anyone!

  10. Lavern Moore says:

    This provides a good start to new world travelers. This information will prove very useful to them and help them enjoy their trip much more.

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